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Nokia finally blocks down access to Navifirm servers

It was announced in the beginning of this year that Nokia will be blocking access to their Open Firmware Repository (popularly known as Navifirm) which was used to download early releases of firmwares for Nokia phones including Symbian, Lumia, Asha and Meego devices. Sadly, they seems to have done that today. No firmware files will … Continue reading

Nokia’s Q1 2013 Report: Losses despite growing Lumia sales

Nokia today has released their Q1 2013 Interim report. http://www.nokia.com/global/about-nokia/investors/financials/reports/results—reports/ The reports says that Nokia have shipped a total of 6.1 million smart devices (down from 6.6 million devices in Q4 2012) and 55.8 million mobile phones (down from 79.8 million phones in Q4 2012) in this quarter. The 6.1m smart devices sales contains 5.6 … Continue reading