VIDEO: Asphalt 7 Heat performance test on Nokia Lumia 620

Asphalt 7 Heat for Windows Phone 8 has received an update couple of days ago which enabled it to run on low end devices like Lumia 720, 620 and 520. WPBox tested the game's performance on a Lumia 620 with a video. The game seems to perform very well on the phone. They says that... Continue Reading →


VIDEO: Asphalt 7 HEAT review by WPCentral

WPCentral has reviewed the newly released Asphalt 7 HEAT game for windows phone 8 and also shared a video review on their Youtube channel. They are very impressed with the game, its realistic 3D graphics, and its performance on the device. They says that "Asphalt 7 is not only the best racing game in the... Continue Reading →

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