Nokia’s Q1 2013 Report: Losses despite growing Lumia sales

Nokia today has released their Q1 2013 Interim report. The reports says that Nokia have shipped a total of 6.1 million smart devices (down from 6.6 million devices in Q4 2012) and 55.8 million mobile phones (down from 79.8 million phones in Q4 2012) in this quarter. The 6.1m smart devices sales contains 5.6... Continue Reading →


VIDEO: Nokia Lumia 820 Design Competition results announced

Few of weeks ago, Nokia started the Lumia 820 Shell Design Competition, in which the contestants had to craft their designs on the wireless charging shell of Lumia 820. They received 130 entries from all the contestants from which 15 were selected as the finalists and put up in front of public to choose and... Continue Reading →

Nokia’s Q4 2012 Results: Posts $585 million profits, officially declares 808 PureView the last Symbian device

Nokia today have released their interim report of the Q4 2012, finally after a long time, making a return to profitability by posting €439 ($585) millions of profit. The company shipped 86.3 million mobile devices in total ( +4% from what they shipped in Q3 2012 and -24% from what shipped in Q4 2011 ),... Continue Reading →

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