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Nokia 105 is giving 29% profit to Nokia

Interesting tidbits coming in from IHS. They says that Nokia is making good profits from its low end phone Nokia 105. According to research firm IHS’ teardown report of Nokia 105 (which is already expected to sell millions), Nokia is squeezing as much as 30% profit on the sell of each phone, which one expects … Continue reading

More pics of Nokia EOS leaked

Earlier we saw some leaked images of the body of Nokia EOS now we can clearly see the build and the camera module of the phone. The camera module is BIG and there’s also an automatic camera shutter to cover the camera lens (i was in doubt but its clear now). I wonder why they … Continue reading

VIDEO: Jolla phone hardware and software hands-on

Here’s the video hands-on preview of the Jolla phone which has been announced today officially. The phone looks really nice. “The Other Half” is actually the back of the phone which at first looks like a totally separate part. The build quality looks pretty decent. The phone also offers replacable shells. Now the UI is … Continue reading