LEAK: Nokia Belle FP2 (Donna) to arrive in September?

Hey Folks I just got hold of a screenshot leaked by the guys at Symbian Developers. According to this screenshot, the next update for Symbian Operating System, i.e. Symbian Belle FP2/PR3.0 or Symbian Donna (as cleared by Nokia officially) will release/approve in the 36th week of this year, that means September. We have recently seen... Continue Reading →


RUMOUR: Nokia Carla Screenshots leaked?

Hello folks, Got this news from the @Nokianesia on Twitter. They guys got some leaked screenshots from somewhere and claiming those screenshots to be of the new update for Symbian, i.e. the Nokia (Symbian) Carla. Well, we have just seen the feature pack 1 of the Nokia Belle firstly demoed on the Nokia 808 PureView, which will also... Continue Reading →

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