Nokia Music update brings Qt client to Nokia (Symbian) Belle Refresh devices

Quick heads up all first generation Symbian^3 users, Nokia has started rolling out the Nokia Music update (which was earlier released for Nokia Belle FP2 phones) to Nokia (Symbian) Belle Refresh phones i.e., Nokia N8, E7, and the gang. This new version brings the Qt version of Music store client for Symbian which now looks... Continue Reading →


“Fix for Messaging” now rolling out for Belle FP1/FP2 phones

A new update 'Fix for Messaging' is now rolling out for Symbian Belle FP1/FP2 phones (808 PureView, 701, 700, 603). This update brings some fixes to the messaging app of the phone. You can download it by going to SW Update app of your phone or via Nokia Suite. Update's size is just 312kb. I... Continue Reading →

Nokia releases Homescreen widgets and Network fix for Belle FP1/FP2 devices

Nokia has rolled out couple of updates for symbian belle fp1 and fp2 devices (808 Pureview, 701, 603, 700) continuing their support to our beloved Symbian. The first update is the Homescreen widget update which contains some new widgets for homescreen like Webview Widget (which we've covered here) coming out of the '*beta' tag, Mirror... Continue Reading →

Nokia 808 PureView receives ‘WiFi’ and ‘Youtube’ updates

Nokia has rolled out a couple of updates for the Nokia 808 PureView and other Belle FP1/FP2 devices. The 'WiFi' update is said to be bringing improvements to WiFi interoperability and few more access points in the WiFi module of the phone. While the 'Youtube' update brings options to share/upload videos on Youtube directly from... Continue Reading →

Nokia 808 PureView and other Belle FP2 smartphones receives Gallery and Camera updates

Nokia has pushed out Gallery and Camera update to the Symbian Belle Feature Pack 2 devices such as the Nokia 808 PureView, 701, 700 & 603. Check out the changelog below. Changelog: • multi-select photos and share them to Facebook, Flickr or Twitter. • multi-select photos and email them en-masse to specific recipients. • long... Continue Reading →

UPDATES: App Compatibility Fix and Nokia Big Screen updates for 808 PureView and other FP2 phones

Hello folks Quick heads up, yesterday i came to know that our own Nokia 808 PureView and other second generation Symbian^3 smartphones has received some updates i.e. the App Compatibility Fix and Nokia Big Screen updates OTA. The update is not much big just few KBs. All you have to do is just to press... Continue Reading →

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