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Nokia 105 is giving 29% profit to Nokia

Interesting tidbits coming in from IHS. They says that Nokia is making good profits from its low end phone Nokia 105. According to research firm IHS’ teardown report of Nokia 105 (which is already expected to sell millions), Nokia is squeezing as much as 30% profit on the sell of each phone, which one expects … Continue reading

Nokia 301 and Nokia 105 announced at MWC2013

Nokia this MWC also announced two new mobile phones following their ‘Connecting the Next Billion’ startegy, tragetting the developing countries – The Nokia 301 and the Nokia 105. Nokia 301: Its been quite a while since we’ve seen any classic device launch from Nokia in their feature phone department, but the Nokia 301, a classic … Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 1000 appears on China Mobile’s site

Nokia Lumia 1000 has apparently been spotted on China Mobile site. Rumors are there that this might be Nokia’s upcoming Nokia Lumia EOS with 41 MP Camera sensor.   This can be just a typo by China mobile site managers, but it creates excitement anyway. If comes out true, then this will be Nokia’s first 4 digit … Continue reading