BYTES: Nokia EOS images, sample photos and specs leaked. Lumia 1020 named confirmed. FIFA 13 lands on Windows Phone

A lot has happened in the past 3-4 days, and unfortunately i couldn’t update this space on time because i was out of my town for some work.

HOT topic nowadays is, ofcourse, Nokia EOS a.k.a. Lumia 1020 (yes, the name has been confirmed). We have heard, read so much about it over the past couple of months. We all knew that as the release date (i.e., July 11) gets closer, we’ll have more and more leaks. Some rumours coming true and some just getting out. So, we today have some more leaks of Nokia Lumia 1020/EOS. Read on for more.

So beginning things with EOS’s leaked image and specs. The above one is it. You can see the front just resembles Lumia 920 and the back has a big round hump which hides the massive camera module of this monster. The tapered edges makes it look a bit slimmer than the 920. The phone is believed to come in 3 colours as shown above. We have one more leaked image showing these colours. See it below.

Some may argue that this might be a fake render as it has ‘Carl Zeiss’ printed on the camera hump instead of their new changed name which is just ZEISS, but i think it’s nit a fake image but might be old one that was created before this change of brand name by ZEISS.

Now coming on the specs then these are it’s specs leaked a couple of days ago:

» It has optical image stabilization (OIS) built in
» It takes the image in a 32MP and 5MP at the same time in 16:9
» The 5MP image is over sampled dropping 7pixels into one “super pixel”
» It shoots 38MP in 4:3
» “Nokia 909” was an early name for it but it will be “Lumia 1020” for release
» 2GB of RAM, an increase of 1GB from other high end Windows Phone 8 devices
» 32GB of internal storage, no SD
» WP8 V 8.0.10322.71
» FM radio (Amber)
» Flip to silence (Amber)

Some them are not new for us, such as the capability of taking two photos at a time. OIS in Nokia EOS is something we all wanted to know about. If it’s in then it’s great and if it’s not then…well, it should be in. 😛 Now 2gb RAM (rather than 1gb in the high end lumias) is absolutely great, but they are again not giving it the Micro-SD card support. Nokia EOS is a camera centric device, the users of it will be taking loads of photos. It would make sense if Nokia includes this feature in. I really don’t think 32gb would be enough for all these photos, let alone the apps, games and other data.

With these specs leak, some details have also been shed upon the Nokia Pro Camera app which will be bringing new camera user-interface for EOS, much like the one in 808 PureView. Here’s what it supposed to bring:

» White Balance
» Manual focus
» Shutter speed
» Flash

Ofcourse, these all are still rumours till we don’t see them from the official source. Lets wait one more day. 😉

Besides all this, we also have a couple of sample photos, the EXIF data of which says that it has been taken with the Lumia 1020.

Joe Belfiore, Head of Windows Phone development team, had been visiting Finland from quite a while. No wonder, he must have been testing the new Lumia 1020 running the latest version of Windows Phone 8.

The first photo is 5MP and the second is 3.7MP. Their Exif shows it’s the Lumia 1020 which have taken the shots.

EXIF data also reveals that Lumia 1020 will have f2.2 aperture bigger than 808 PureView (f2.4). This would certainly help user take great low light images too.

Many of us got confused when @evleaks said that Nokia EOS might not be Lumia 1020 but Lumia 909. The question arised from that was ‘What is Lumia 1020 then?’. Speculations regarding the Lumia 1020 being another device started hitting the blogosphere. Rumours flown in that Nokia is actually going to announce two new devices, one is the Lumia 909 on July 11 and the other one is Lumia 1020 on July 22.

Well, now everything seems clear as we have the name of the device confirmed from the official Nokia accounts.

Nokia Malaysia, in reply to a question about the availability of Lumia 1020 in the country, confirmed the name of the phone. So, we’ll have not have to call it EOS anymore.

The question remains now that “What is Lumia 909 then?” We might see it launching in future with a lil less features than Lumia 1020, if we follow Nokia’s numbering system. 😉

Meanwhile, EA has launched their latest Xbox title FIFA 13 on Windows Phone 8 exclusively for Nokia Lumia.

Football is life! Now live it to the fullest with the ONLY officially licensed FIFA game on Windows Phone 8!Matches come to life with groundbreaking graphics and the most responsive controls ever delivered on Windows Phone 8. Featuring 30 leagues, 500 licensed teams,more than 15,000 players and 32 authentic stadiums!
Exclusively for Nokia Lumia

The game costs $4.99 and is available to download here.

Via 1/2/3


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