Upcoming Dual-SIM Nokia Lumias to be powered by Snapdragon 200 processors?

Sometime back we learned that Nokia is keenly experimenting on new technologies that can be used in the future Lumia devices. Dual SIM is one of those technologies. Till now we don’t have any chip from Qualcomm (Windows Phone can only use Qualcomm chips thanks to the restrictions set by Microsoft) which offers this type of functionality, but it seems OEMs will be able to use this feature as Qualcomm has just announced Snapdragon 200 series of processors. Read on for more.

This new Snapdragon 200 range targets the entry level smartphones and tablets. These processors comes with HSPA+ (upto 21mbps) and TD-SCDMA (mainly for China Mobile) capability, Adreno 302 GPU (a little less powerful than the Adreno 305 which is powering the current Lumia 720, 620 & 520). Perfectly capable with Windows Phone. Dual and Quad core variants are also available so I expect these will be used for quite a long time.

The processors will support dual cameras with 8 mp resolution for the primary camera and upto 5mp for front facing camera.

These procedures will also help Nokia to make phones even cheaper than the current cheapest Lumia 520 without reducing the fluid experience of Windows phone which, as we all know, performs without any hiccup even on the low hardware.

The Snapdragon 200 series will start rolling out in late 2013.

Read full Qualcomm press release here.


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