Windows Phone 8 Blue running on Lumia 920 images leaked, sold out on ebay

Couple of days ago, a user purchased a Lumia 920 from eBay which was running the yet-to-be-announced version of Windows Phone 8, WP8 Blue. He then uploaded some screenshots of that new firmware (which has now been taken down) giving us an idea of what we might see in this upcoming update to WP8 (not sure if it’s GDR2 or 3).

What is coming:

Improved Multitasking, with the ability to close apps right from the multitasking screen (looks inspired from symbian/meego).

Notification Centre, to get all the notifications at one place. Leaked screenshot shows a list of notifications from different apps. It will have its own live tile.

Sorting installed applications by name and by frequency of how much an app is used.

New Calendar with “Week view” included. Calendar in WP8 only shows the monthly view currently. Week view will be a much needed add-on.

New HERE Drive Beta ‘Blue’.

zFaceBlue. New Facebook app??

CalDav support. Another much needed feature.

⑧ Speed, general performance and stability improvements.

Some of the leaked screenshots of that new firmware are given below.

That eBay Lumia 920 has now been recovered by Microsoft. The person has received a new phone in place of that and has also been reimbursed by microsoft.



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