LEAK: Nokia Lumia EOS images leaked, shows the beautiful round camera hump. (UPDATE)


UPDATE: I have just received some more info. “Vizileaks” named twitter handle has tweeted a close-up picture of what he says to be XX Megapixel EOS.

Look pretty close to the camera module images we just saw (scroll down). I wonder how big is the sensor and also the presence of a mechanical shutter. This can just be a fake render.


In the hottest leak of year, we today have the images of the most awaited next PureView camera flagship from Nokia, The Nokia EOS [that’s what its rumoured name is 😉 ] leaked out. And this time, it’s a REAL DEAL!

The front looks pretty much the same like the Lumia 920. The material used is also the same polycarbonate unibody. And yes, we have the NOKIA logo back in the centre.

The camera module is round in new flagship (as i earlier reported) which looks better than the one on 808 PureView in my view. Camera of this device (as rumoured) is of 41mp supported by a Xenon flash and an LED light. We are not sure if this device supports OIS as there hasn’t been any mention of it so far.

Looks like EOS will have wireless charging support through a clip (look at those two holes on the case) just like how we have on Lumia 720 & 925.

Back comparison with Lumia 920. Sides are same, but EOS appears to be a bit wider than Lumia 920 ? Bigger screen?? 1080p??

And the camera hump’s side view. It’s beautiful and doesn’t protrude as much as the 808 PureView. It would be interesting to see how it looks against N8’s hump. Look at the edges of the EOS compared to Lumia 920. Apparently EOS is 1mm thinner than 920 but it looks more thinner because of these tappered edges.

So these were the leaks images. WPDang rates this leak 8 out of 10 on their meter, this meams that these images are accurate. Rumours are there that the phone is going to launch on July 9 initially on AT&T, later followed by worldwide launch.



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