VIDEO: Nokia completes 10 years of partnership with WWF

From reducing their dependency on the environment to helping environmental organizations in managing healthy environmental conditions with their technologies throughout the planet, Nokia has always been contributing their bit to the environment. But they says that this is just half the work they can do. Celebrating 10 years of the Global agreement Nokia signed with WWF in 2003, they have shared a video showing what they have done in these 10 years to help the environment.

At Nokia we realise that reducing our own environmental impact is only half the battle. There’s so much more we can do to help the planet by using our technology and resources to support environmental organisations such as WWF. Nokia and WWF have had a Global Partnership Agreement in place since 2003. In this video you can see some examples of our work between 2003-2013.

We love you Nokia for your policies and ethics towards the environment. We want you to do even more. You have our support. This is something that every organization should do. After all, this is where we all have to live in. 🙂



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