Nokia Lumia EOS coming this July, will have a 41mp camera sensor ?

Few days ago we learned that Nokia EOS (or Lumia 950) might come in polycarbonate body which will be thinner than Lumia 920, and a new camera app to replace the existing camera app. Now, MobileGeeks have got some more info on this much-talked topic. Read on for more.

According to MobileGeeks, the previously leaked information about Nokia EOS is all true, and that the device will indeed come with a large 41mp camera sensor. The sensor is said to be placed in the phone in such a way that it does not protrude much (or like how it appears on 808 PV). The camera will be able to take 34mp shots just like the 808 PV and record 1080p video in 3 different frame rates.

The camera interface will completely be redesigned in Lumia EOS and the app will be called ‘Nokia Pro Camera’.

The camera interface would be completely redesigned with circular on screen dial controls. You can flick them around to adjust various camera settings. This redesigned interface laden app would be known as the Nokia ProCamera. The phone would also supposedly have DSLR like “sounds” when you flick around the settings. And yes, there would be manual mode as well where you can manually adjust all camera settings.

They says that Nokia is going to announce this phone in July this year and most probably on July 9.

We have been hearing that Nokia EOS will also have OIS capabilities just like Lumia 920 but MobileGeeks says that they are not sure whether EOS will have it or not.





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