VIDEO: Jolla phone hardware and software hands-on

Here’s the video hands-on preview of the Jolla phone which has been announced today officially.

The phone looks really nice. “The Other Half” is actually the back of the phone which at first looks like a totally separate part. The build quality looks pretty decent. The phone also offers replacable shells. Now the UI is where this phone comes in. The UI looks really nice. It has some similarities to N9’s swipe ui but it looks nice on the phone with some additions. I really like that the gallery also shows Facebook’s photos, and you can interact with them too.

Watch the video below.


And here’s a quick hardware review of the phone by Marc dillon.



3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Jolla phone hardware and software hands-on

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  1. Can’t make my mind up… I love Nokia Belle, but I know that at some point I have to switch… I’ve considered Jolla, BB10 and Windows Phone… No Android nor iOS for me… What do you think?

    1. Hey! Its based on what are your requirements in a phone. If you want a no-lag, smooth OS then Nokia lumia is the way to go. There are many innovations coming to it in future. 😉

      Jolla phone has just announced and it won’t be available before q3.

    2. I like a lot BB10 because it reminds me of Meego and the Z10 has excellent hardware–however I wouldn’t like to lose the offline maps… Jolla is great because it’s (truly) open-source and has that myriad program, but still doesn’t have Nokia Maps. I’d go with Nokia for that amazing cameras, but for now the Lumias look too big for me (I’m used to my small 700), but anyways, I’ll have plenty of time to choose.

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