Nokia releases Homescreen widgets and Network fix for Belle FP1/FP2 devices

Nokia has rolled out couple of updates for symbian belle fp1 and fp2 devices (808 Pureview, 701, 603, 700) continuing their support to our beloved Symbian.

The first update is the Homescreen widget update which contains some new widgets for homescreen like Webview Widget (which we’ve covered here) coming out of the ‘*beta’ tag, Mirror shortcut (for using the front facing camera on the go), Flashlight toggle (for lighting up the LED flash without needing to wait for 5 seconds), Stopwatch widget (for instant access to Stopwatch), Contact communication widget (a single contact widget with buttons to call or message directly from the HS).

The second update is ‘3G Network Compatibility Fix’ which brings fixes to the network problems while in 3G network. Most of the users, especially the 808 users, were reporting this problem and finally nokia have rolled out the fix for them.

So these are the updates. Download and install them from the ‘Software update’ application in your phone.

Some screenshots of the updates are given below.



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