Jolla to announce their handsets in May

It’s been quite a while since we heard any news about Jolla. Sailfish‘s hands-on videos have been around but nothing new came in. But here is something new. News regarding their handsets announcements. Read on for more.

We earlier reported that Jolla will announce their handsets in the second half of 2013, but according to this article, which is translated on Mynokiablog, Jolla is going to announce their handsets this May. The pre-orders will be taken from mid-may. The devices that gets the pre-orders will offer the consumers “something unique”, “something special, that will not be available otherwise” (sounds like limited edition device).

They want to attract people to their products in the early phase.

“We want Jolla to be a movement. We want to involve fans already in early phases. Fans make sure that phone will be available and fans will be first ones to get their phones”, said Saarnio.

This seems a nice strategy to attract people and get more attention. We hope that presentation will be a good one. All the luck to Jolla for their future. 🙂


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