Windows Phone GDR3 to add support for 1080p screens, Quad Core processors

Microsoft will add the support for 1080p screens and Quad core (or more) processors to Windows Phone in their GDR3 (General Distribution Release 3) later this year, sources familiar with Microsoft’s Windows Phone plans at TheVerge says. This upgrade will also enable OEMs to use 5 inch or bigger screens in their products.

Another related news is that the GDR3 is not directly related to Windows Phone Blue update that we heard about earlier. Windows Blue has been planned to release in early 2014.

Windows Phone Blue is tentatively scheduled for early 2014 and will help bridge the gaps between Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system and Windows Phone 8.

We can’t say anything on this news just yet, as it hasn’t been confirmed by Microsoft officially. This rumour also hints us to the upcoming Nokia devices. We might see a tablet from nokia finally, and the much rumoured Nokia EOS with the 808 PureView like 41MP camera sensor might come out with 1080p screen and quad core processor later this year (this Nokia World is going to be awesome i guess 😉 ).

We’ll surely know more about this GDR3 upgrade and what features it will bring as the time passes on. Till then it’s fingers crossed. 😀



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