Instagram finally available for Windows Phone – April Fools day prank

So, has Instagram finally made its way to Windows Phone? LOL Not really. 😉 This is the april fools day prank going around social networks and blogosphere today. And i know most of you must have believed it at first.

See the last two lines in the feature list that says “Modern User Interface by Sarper Erel” and “Happy April 1st 2013″. This is actually a fan made concept of the Instagram app for windows phone and Sarper Erel was the man behind it. Quite a nice way to get popularity in the community. But how it came in Windows Phone Store, Microsoft?? :/

So this was just for making fun of the windows phone users out there as they are waiting for Instagram to come on their phones. But seriously, is it really coming? Well, we can’t say to be honest, but we’ve seen the leaked screenshot showing Instagram app on Windows Phone marketplace. We can just hope that it comes out true in the end, and if not then it would be a real shame for Microsoft and Facebook for not getting this on the platform. Nokia is also creating a little pressure on Instagram with their 2InstaWithLove app for Lumia users. Lets see if it works out for them.

PS, Happy April Fools Day guys! 😀



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