Temple Run, SIMS Medieval, Gravity Guy and other games arrives on Windows Phone, more games to come

Its been quite a fascinating couple of days for Nokia Lumia owners and Windows Phone. A raft of some fantastic games have arrived/coming to Windows Phone including some big names like Temple Run, Gravity Guy 2, SIMS Medieval, etc. Read on for more.

Temple Run:

We have seen some leaks recently that Temple Run might be coming to the WP and Nokia Asha. Well, now it’s finally available, not for Asha though but it is there for WindowsPhone 8. Yes, the most awaited game of them all is finally available to download on WP for FREE. So don’t wait anymore, download the game from the below given link and enjoy.


The file is not a big download, just 23mb. Though, it’s only available for Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 at the moment, but is coming soon to more devices.

Mynokiablog has also done a quick hands-on video of the game. Watch it below.

SIMS Medieval:

EA’s SIMS Medieval and SIMS Spin Off are now available in WP Marketplace as Nokia Exclusive games for a price of $ 4.99 USD.


Gravity Guy 2:

Break the laws of gravity by a new sequel of this action packed game. This new sequel is only found on Windows Phone for the next few months. Gravity Guy 2 is available for $2.99.


There are lots of other awesome games which have arrived already or soon arriving on WindowsPhone like Propel Man, Chaos Rings, Orcs Must Survive, etc. So don’t feel you are left behind in anything on choosing a Nokia Lumia.

Read more here.

(PS., posting this a bit late as i was very busy in some festivals 😛 )



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