Nokia Lumia 920 wins ‘Innovative Handset’ Award for 2013

Great news coming in from UK. Our beloved Nokia Lumia 920 has won yet another award. This time it’s the ‘Innovative Handset’ Award that’s been captured by Lumia 920.

On the 14th of this month the Mobile News Award took place at London. Dara O’Briain, the top comedian hosted this event. And there, they announced about the award and its winner. The above given image is the award itself which was handed over to Nokia UK.

Its always feels great to see the world is recognizing the power and the innovation Nokia has put inside this beast Lumia 920. With its innovative offerings like the PureView Pro Camera for best low light imaging and blur free photos and videos, PureMotion HD+ Screen to deliver the fastest screen refresh rates and for bringing life to the viewing experience, SuperSensitive Touch for making it usable even after wearing 5 gloves, etc, Lumia 920 is very hard to match in sheer innovation and fits perfectly for this award. 😉

Know more about the World’s Most Innovative Smartphone, Go Here.



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