Turn your Nokia Asha into Lumia with ‘Lumia for Asha’ app

With all the exciting things happening at the Lumia end, the Asha users feels left out of the whole game. But Nokia doesn’t thinks so. Nokia’s Asha phones have been outselling Nokia Lumias in most regions. That’s why Nokia are focussing on their Asha range of smart feature phones even more than their high end Lumia smartphone range. They are regularly hosting events for the developers all over the world to help them know the Asha platform better and to encourage them to develop apps for Nokia Asha. As a result, we today have a new Asha app here – Lumia for Asha.

As the name says, ‘Lumia for Asha’ turns your Nokia Asha phone into a Nokia Lumia. It lets you experience the live tiles interface of the windows phone powered Nokia Lumia, so you can interact with the tiles and run your desired program in your phone. You can use this app if you’re bored of using the Series40 touch interface in your Nokia Asha.

The tiled interface of the app lets you make calls with the dialler tile, show live network strength, show live battery status of the phone, launch calendar and games. All this packed in a stylish looking Lumia body (just like the Lumia 800). Cool, no?!

The application is right here in the Nokia Store ready for you to download and install in your Asha device, for FREE. This app is fully compatible with Nokia Asha 305, Asha 306, Asha 308, and Asha 311.

I think that the developer have made a great effort. This app will not only offer existing Asha users to experience new interface on their phones, but also encourage them to go ahead and buy a Nokia Lumia.

Cheers Che2on for the tip!! 🙂


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