Nokia Glam Me and Place Tag Beta now available for WP8 Lumias

Nokia has ousted two new apps for their Windows Phone 8 powered Lumia devices- Nokia Place Tag Beta and Nokia Glam Me. So lets go on and know more about these apps.

Nokia Place Tag:

Nokia Place Tag was announced at this year’s MWC. It is a type of lens that allows users to take photos with their location tagged in them and share them with friends, much like an instant postcards. After taking photo it stores information about the place in the photo.

Check out WMExperts’ video demo of the app below.

Download Nokia Place Tag Beta here.

Nokia Glam Me:

Nokia Glam Me is a camera lens by Nokia that allows user to take great portrait of themselves. The special effects in the app adds the user with more functionality to enhance their self portraits.

Check out The Nokia Blog’s video demo of the app below.

You can download Nokia Glam Me from here.

In the meantime Nokia has also released the Cinemagraph lens for their WP7.x Lumias. The app lets you create fantastic animated shots with an extended functionality to choose the areas to animate without touching the other areas of the photo. It is a must-have app for all the lumia users.

You can get the Cinemagraph Lens here.

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