Jolla’s handsets coming in the second half of 2013

Myriam Joire from Engadget had a chat with Marc Dillon, Co-founder and CEO of Jolla at this MWC in which they discussed about how Jolla have been doing so far and what are the plans for their handsets releases in future. Read on for more.

Talking about the company’s history and from where they came, Marc said

I was in San Diego at Nokia Product Creation Center in 2001 and had started working on different products, and in 2005 I saw where the future was going… It was this open operating system. And it’s also Maemo, MeeGo — everybody hears about MeeGo now, but that was actually… N9 was the eighth product that we had released. N900 was one that was a really iconic product before that, and we had heard the whole time that having something different is really, really important.


So once again, this is the time in mobile to have innovation. This is the time for something new to happen. We’re at a crossroads, and it’s either ‘we’re not going anywhere,’ which is the current state, or ‘we have to take a new choice. I think we have a great choice with Jolla and Sailfish.

Marc also talked about the Sailfish SDK which they recently released for the developers.

So we got a lot of feedback on the SDK. We ran it through some community members and got some feedback previously, and I believe because we took our time we were able to come out with something that’s getting really good feedback… it’s really well polished. We’re offering a lot of power for application developers.


And one final thing about that: we’re getting feedback from guys that haven’t written code for a while, and now they’re saying, “Wow, I want to get back and write code.” That’s one of the warmest things that we can get.

And finally they talked about the devices, when are the devices coming and where are the devices coming.

We don’t want to release before it’s ready. This is out debutante moment so it’s always a delicate balance – when you launch, and when you start to sell. So we’re still looking at second half of the year.


Oh absolutely, absolutely. We’re going to be selling devices second half of 2013.


We’re starting in Finland; you have to sell at home, and then we’re moving into the China sales, and then we’re going to be penetrating Europe.

Read the full interview here.
Sailfish SDK is available to download here.



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