VIDEO: Jolla’s Sailfish UI demoed on the Nokia N950

Jolla (another finnish phone maker, carrying forward Nokia’s great work on MeeGo OS) were present at this year’s Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. They talked about their new Sailfish OS, their own devices, the future of Jolla, etc and showed off their new Sailfish UI on a Nokia N950. Watch the videos after the break.

Video by PocketNow

Video by Mobilemagazine

The UI looks really impressive. Its smooth and slick. They have also used the transparency to great effect. Some UI elements looks to be taken from Symbian and MeeGo. My favorite part is the combined notification centre and Ambience.

Its feels great to see so much innovation is happening around Nokia’s MeeGo platform. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best smartphone platforms ever created by Nokia (and Intel), but it couldn’t see much of the light due to Nokia’s shift of strategy, in which they had to quit the development of their homegrown OS’s Symbian and MeeGo and adopt Microsoft’s Windows Phone for smart devices.

But anyways, getting back on the topic, its nice to see Jolla coming with exciting things in the near future (since they’re being run by ex-nokia employees). We hope to see their devices in the global market soon. 🙂


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