Nokia at MWC 2013 – What is expected to come?

So we’re just few hours away from Mobile World Congress 2013 now. It’s the world’s biggest event for the mobile technology, happening at Barcelona (Spain) this year. The event will kick start from today around 09:30 in the morning, and Nokia’s very first keynote will start at around 12:30 PM (IST). There will be a live webcast of Nokia’s keynotes (as always) which will be active as soon as the keynote begins. Head on towards the below given link to catch all the action LIVE.

Excitement is all around as we have so many awesome things expected to see from Nokia at this year’s MWC. We’ve come through all the leaks recently and speculations had been made around the blogsphere, but its time now to see them made official by Nokia themselves.

So, what do we expect from Nokia this year? As in the Devices segment then its been rumoured that Nokia’s going to announce 6 new Lumias this MWC, like the low-mid range Lumia 720 and 520. The mysterious RM-860 which was leaked with Verizon branding on it. The slim-trim, light weight version of Lumia 920 with aluminium build – The Nokia Catwalk, and the most anticipated of them all – The Nokia EOS with a 41 megapixel monster camera sensor, bringing the PureView 1 tech on Lumia (with PureView 2 tech). Nokia Windows Tablets? Very unlikely though, but we cannot rule them out. We might see some new Asha devices too.

As for the Services then we are expecting to see some new apps and services based announcements from Nokia, like the rebranding of Nokia Maps to HERE Maps for Windows Phone, and release of the Nokia Music+ service to more countries.

So guys keep your eyes and ears open to see the announcements Nokia makes this year. This might not be enough. We’ll be updating this space as soon as we get more info. Till then, its fingers crossed. 😉


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