BLINK for Windows Phone 8: App you wouldn’t want to miss on your Lumia

Microsoft Research recently released a new, easy-to-use app called ‘BLINK‘ for helping the amateur photographers out there to get the right photo at the right moment.

BLINK is a type of camera lens that rather than capturing a single photo of a view, captures a series of photos to let the users pick and save the best shot from them as per to their liking.

Using the app is very simple. Launch the app from the app list or from the ‘Camera lenses’ option in Camera UI, aim the camera to what you want to capture, press the capture button and wait for the processing. The screen will show rapid flashes when you press the capture button and the app will capture series of the photos of the view. After its completed, app will show you a film-strip view (as shown in the image below), that lets you see and scroll through all the photos captured. You can pick and save the photo whichever you like.

There are some limitations in this app though. Such as, it only allows to take 1280 x 720 pixel images which is lower than normal. And also you can’t use flash for taking photos, that means you need to be in good lighting conditions for using this app.

But anyways, BLINK is undoubtedly one of the great apps you can have on your Nokia Lumia WP8. Its very useful when you want to shoot a fast moving object or your friends jumping in the air. It is available to download completely for FREE. The app has a 4.5 star ratings in maketplace. Download it from here.

Here’s a video tutorial that would help you understand the app better:



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