Nokia Lumia 1000 appears on China Mobile’s site

china-mobile lumia 1000

Nokia Lumia 1000 has apparently been spotted on China Mobile site. Rumors are there that this might be Nokia’s upcoming Nokia Lumia EOS with 41 MP Camera sensor.


This can be just a typo by China mobile site managers, but it creates excitement anyway. If comes out true, then this will be Nokia’s first 4 digit Lumia.


There also are some other models in this list as you can see, like the Lumia 719, Lumia 730, Lumia 822 (for china?). What do you think? Are they Nokia’s upcoming lumias?





2 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 1000 appears on China Mobile’s site

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  1. This mobile is really awesome.The design above really pulls you in, please believe us when we say that this what not taken from a Nokia patent. It really is a pure idea. We think Nokia should look into this a little bit much more mainly because it offers them a firm base of where to start if they had been to think about a Lumia 1000 models.For more information about this product click this link :

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