RUMOUR: 41MP Nokia “EOS” coming this MWC with 5 more Lumias?

Intresting rumours floating all around the blogosphere today that Nokia are going to introduce 6 new Lumias this Mobile World Congress (MWC), including a ‘Real PureView’ with the same HUGE Nokia 808 PureView like sensor, with the square edged aluminium build (as we earlier reported), and might postpone their plan for introducing a WinRT tablet into the market this year.

The Verge confirms that Nokia will announce a true Lumia PureView codenamed ‘Nokia EOS’ with the same 1/1.2 41MP sensor like their previous PureView flagship 808 PureView. AT&T will be one of the first carriers to stock it later this year.

While another rumour comes out from a guy named ‘Flavio Pic’, who says that Nokia will release 6 Lumias in the first half of 2013, with one more of version Lumia 920 with 808 like camera sensor, and might postpone their plans to release a tablet in first two quarters. See what he said below. (He posted this in italia but i’ve given the english translation below the images.)

[ Nokia ] For the first mid-2013 there will be less than 6 # Lumia. In addition to the already Note 510, 620, 820 and 920 come with a smartphone metal shell but especially a version of the 920 with ‘ abbozzatura ‘ 808 style rear to make room # PureView from the camera 41Mpx . # Nokia

[ Nokia 2] rumored Nokia tablet # # WindowsRT exists, but the company has realized that it is too far out market : they wanted In fact, to call it by € 799 or more, definitely too if we see that even # Asus hard to sell # VivoTabRT to € 499. For now it is postponed to the second semester, but unless the platform does not take off ( see also the arrival in Italy # of SurfaceRT ) it seems likely that the device being deleted from the roadmap.

So this is it. We’ll see more such rumours as MWC is approaching. Will be interesting to see if Nokia launches a pureview lumia this year as most fans are waiting for it. Also that Nokia tablet will catch some interest (i hope they launch a Win8 Pro tablet rather than a WinRT one).



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