Nokia India’s tutorial videos on Lumia 920

Nokia India has uploaded some tutorial videos (my youtube timeline is flooded actually 😛 ) on their youtube channel specifically made for India on the flagship device Lumia 920 featuring Sid from Nokia India. Check them out below.

1. Can I have the latest tracks on my phones absolutely free?

2. What’s so unique about PureMotion HD+ feature?

3. How does Nokia Drive guide me to my destination?

4. Sid Intro Video

5. How to capture what’s on my screen and share it with my friends?

6. How to charge up your phone without those annoying cables?

7. How to take group photos perfectly and at one go?

8. How to capture clear pictures and videos in Low Light?

9. How to animate still pics and share them on Facebook using Cinemagraph?

10. How to shoot seamless videos with HD 1080p video recording feature?

11. Can I setup a group and share my files with everyone in that group in one go?

12. How to personalise the homescreen with live tiles?

13. Can I create a space for my kids to play on my phone, without risking my files?

14. How do I share my photos on other online screens without actually connecting?

15. How to customize the lock screen

16. How to view, edit and synchronize my documents on all the devices via cloud?

17. How to discover what’s around without getting lost using City Lens?

18. How can I get the desktop-like browsing on my phone with IE 10?

19. Ease of access

20. How to transfer music, videos or pictures with just a tap via bluetooth?



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