Nokia’s India factory raided over Rs. 3000 Crore of Unpaid taxes

Today at nearly 12AM in the morning, Nokia’s India manufacturing plant located in Sriperumbudur, Chennai was visited by some ‘anonymous officials’ alleging that the phone marker has not paid taxes of approx Rs. 3000 crores ($540 millions) to the India Government.

On asking about this matter, Nokia Spokespersons said:

Earlier today, tax officials visited Nokia’s manufacturing unit in Chennai. Nokia is fully cooperating to ensure they get the necessary information to help in their inquiry.

As a global company, Nokia consistently fields a large and steady number of tax queries, audits and assessments. Nokia’s commitment to being a good corporate citizen is firm and unwavering: we always observe applicable laws and rulings in the countries where we operate. This has been a core principle of our operations in India, where Nokia has been present since 1995.

This type of events have happened earlier also. One of them happened with Google recently where Indian officials alleged Google to pay taxes but in the end found that Google was working inside the indian laws and dismissed that allegation. This matter is still not clear though. I hope that everything in this matter sorts out clearly and turns in Nokia’s favour, else it would be big blow for Nokia on the first month of the year.


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