RUMOUR: Update coming for N8/First gen. Symbian^3 phones ?

Ok this is lil hard to digest but rumours are there that Nokia N8 (and other first gen S^3 devices ?) might be getting one more update (v.111.050.0003) over Belle Refresh (111.040.1511). I thought that Nokia had already stopped all work on these phones after Belle Refresh (which was a big disappointment if you ask me). This info is coming from the guy who earlier leaked N8 Symbian Belle FW before it got pushed as an update to the device. Here’s what he said:

First of all, Happy New Year everyone! Successfully survived the last year. Good news on the first day of the year! There will be a new SW for N8! RM 596_111.050.0003

The version number is not yet final! It is not yet available, there is no changelog. So patience! In the meantime, I think there is no point in a new Pro version automatically.

So this is it. There’s no changelog so we cannot say anything on this update just now. This might be just a bug fix update, but one thing is for sure that this is not just a variant of Belle Refresh. I’m hoping for that new fp2 like virtual keyboard and the new multitasking view (too much maybe 😛 ).



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