Nokia China’s awesome Lumia 920 tv commercial

Nokia China has made an awesome promo video for the Lumia 920 named ‘Making of Lumia 920’, showing the inner components of the phone and how they performs in the real world, pretty much like what we saw in Nokia World in Lumia 920 first ever introduction to the world back in Oct last year. Check out the video below.

Pretty cool no? Now these type of commercials are very much needed for Nokia if they are really willing to sale their phones. Its bit long to be called a tv commercial though (a 1 min video would be ok), but ads like this attracts the viewer. Its a very simple and straight rule of marketing that if you want to sell your product, show the consumer what are the features of your product, what can your product do, and how is it different from other similar products out there. Advertising has always been the problem for Nokia. I’m not saying that they don’t advertise their products at all. Yes they do, but not in the way the consumer likes. I know every country is different, has different consumer taste and getting the advertisements right for all countries is difficult, but then this is what you (nokia) have to do. In my country i see so many commercials of the competitors’ phones, but not a single appears of Nokia or if one appears then its not upto the mark. How would people get to know Nokia and their new products if almost no commercial are there to seduce them?!

PS., if Nokia Marketing team is reading this, i would request them to please make more such advertisements, for more countries (not just few selected countries). 🙂



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