Nokia rolls out an update for Nokia 808 PureView

Good news for all the Nokia 808 PureView owners, Nokia has rolled out an update for your phones. This update (v.113.010.1508) is quite big in size – 420 mb. Not much information is available about this update as the changelog is yet to be released.

So update your 808s now by connecting it to Nokia Suite via USB. Don’t panic if you haven’t got the update in your country, it will surely be there in coming weeks.

UPDATE: It seems that this is just a minor update for bringing not-so-big performance improvements in the device as most of the 808 PureView owners in my timeline are reporting very minor changes in the core files. If that’s true then there might be an OTA update coming for the same, and it would surely be much much smaller in size than this huugge 420 mb update. The 420 mb update will download and install the update with a fresh FW all over again, while the OTA one (if comes) will just install this particular update. So i would advise you to wait a lil for the OTA update (if you don’t wanna spend so much data on the Nokia Suite one ofcourse).



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