Fixed Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 Update now available

Hello folks

Somewhat late post. Couple of weeks ago we got the Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 OTA update for our 2nd Generation Symbian^3 devices, but unfortunately it was taken off from the servers of Nokia just after the day it first appeared, and now it has been confirmed that the update has been fixed and is available to download for 701, 603, 700 & 808 PureView.

Here’s what the nokia officials said:

“Hi all,
We just received the latest from our Nokia Comms team. And it’s good news!

Here’s the information:

“We have now solved the issues, and will continue to deliver the software update today with an extra update to Nokia Music.

Consumers, who have already downloaded the software update, will be able to download an update to Nokia Music to fix the earlier issues. It will be available as of today as an over the air update via Software Update application on the phone as well as through Nokia Suite application in PC.

Today, we will also continue delivering the general software update. The update will be available via the software update application on the phone as well as through Nokia Suite application in PC. On top of the general software update, we recommend the users of the Nokia 808 PureView, Nokia 603, Nokia 700 or Nokia 701 to download a separate over-the-air update to Nokia Music. We will continue deliveries for country and operator variants within the next few weeks.

At the same time, it is recommended to keep your phone up-to-date at all times. There are currently additional updates available to applications like Social and Calendar. All available updates can be checked from the software update application on the phone or in Nokia Suite application in PC.”

And our Care Team also has two more messages to share:

Nokia Music update via Software Update -app:

If you have updated your Nokia 603, 700, 701 or 808 PureView to Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 (software version 113.010.1506/113.010.1507) and Nokia Music does not launch anymore, you can easily fix this. On your phone, just go to the Software Update –app and update wirelessly to the latest version of Nokia Music (v16.40.2). Or alternatively, you can also install the latest version via Nokia Suite – Software Updates.

We also recommend updating to all the available application updates in Software Update -app to get the maximum Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 experience.

UMU MS Full application:

Before attempting to update your Nokia Belle phone to Nokia Belle Refresh or Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2,
you should uninstall the UMU MS full application (a third party application that could previously be downloaded from Nokia Store) if you have installed it to your phone, as it can cause the update to fail. Furthermore, if you update via Nokia Suite, the UMU MS full application will reset your phone when you launch it. Therefore we recommend uninstalling the application.

The UMU MS full application has been removed from Nokia Store. The problem in the application is under the investigation of a third party. The application should not be reinstalled until issues have been fixed by the third party.

In case you have downloaded and paid the UMU MS full application from Nokia Store, contact Nokia Care to receive a refund.

Best regards,
Yvonne from Nokia Care”

So there it is. What are you guys waiting for?! Download the update and enjoy its fantastic new features.

Meanwhile the FP2 Calender and Social updates has also been delivered to all Belle Refresh phones (N8, E7, C7, X7, E6, C6-01) with an extra app ColorizIt for N8 only.


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