Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 rolls out for 2nd gen Symbian^3 phones

Hi folks

I know all you second generation phone owners were waiting very curiously for this update, i.e. the Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2, v.113.010.1506 (FP2/Donna) update having known some of the improvements this update is bringing, especially the new keyboard, and today finally its made available for all you guys to download and update your phones.

Here are some of the improvements this update comes with:-

• Browser v8.3 Improved HTML5 support: Web apps (Storage, App Cache, Web Apps supported)
• Maps SR9 • Nokia Car Mode (in-car optimized UI)
• Social client v1.6.29
• More Homescreen widgets with enhanced experience (Clock, E-mail and Gallery widget)
• Music player update, Lyrics and better navigation Refreshed ‘Now Playing’ view. Lists are tabbed for easy access -swipe from one tab to another, New ’Artist View’ Controls at status pane, Visually renewed Nokia Music
• Microsoft Apps (Pixi v2.3)
available only in factory deliveries and via IAD
MS Lync Mobile
MS Meetings
MS OneNote
MS Sharepoint
• Text rendering for top seven regional languages of India
• NFC Geolocation support
Touch standard Geotag, opening Maps to that location getting ready to start navigation or save landmark.
• New keyboard that is significantly faster to use
New prediction engine with easy language switch.
New, visual text editors. Snap to word and double tap to select a word. Pop up menu for editing option
• UX improvements including: Virtual Inputs (input support for Thai, Vietnam, Akshar, Latin languages and Cyrillic)
Virtual Inputs – China (China market specific input languages and methods)
Screen lock UX improved
Screen lock, swipe to open SMS/missed call at lock screen (swipe) take directly to event
• Improved call handling
Pin query, Call bubbles, volume control better fitted to style
• Video Pro application VideoPro lets you make movies from stills and
• Big Screen application
Nokia Big Screen turns your mobile into a media center for photos, videos and music when connected to HDTV with HDMI.
• Climate Mission 3D game (subject to country/ operator variant availability)
• Silent Film Director added to China PRC variant Imaging improvements:
• Camera key fix
• Landscape gallery grid
• Gallery widget image viewing
• Image details
• Multiple image deletion
• Interactive scroll bar
• Reset button in Creative Mode

• NatGeo web TV widget dropped from the
content due to malfunction.

So there it is. The Belle FP2 is available and ready to download for all the 2nd gen symbian^3 devices. I suggest you all to first backup your phone data, then do a factory reset, and then install the update to avoid problems.

As for the 1st gen Symbian^3 phone users, i am a bit disappointed because some of the features in FP2 such as the new keyboard, swipe to unlock, new camera UI (atleast for N8)..etc, can be or i say should have also been made available to these devices, but unfortunately, they didn’t. Lets see if these phones gets some of these FP2 features (new kb atleast) in a update in the future or not. However, it is very unlikely now that these 1st gen devices will get an update.

So, coming back on the Belle FP2 update, then its for 2nd gen phones (808 PureView, 701, 700 & 603) and is available to download. What are you guys waiting for? Update your phone now!! You can either update your phone via the in-phone ‘Software Update’ application or via connecting your phone to Nokia Suite on the PC.

Here are some of the screenshots of the Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2 Update:-

Read the “Personal Analysis” of the Belle FP2 Update here.
Watch the video demo of the update here.

Enjoy 🙂

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