Nokia announces new lumias: Lumia 920 and Lumia 820

So, the Nokia World (05.09.12) which we all were waiting for, is now over and Nokia has unveiled their new devices in the smartohone segment- The Nokia Lumia 920 and the Lumia 820, along with some other accessories for these smartphones. Read on for more.

Nokia Lumia 920: Nokia’s new flagship lumia
We have seen so many leaks of these phones recently, but today Nokia officially announces them all and the first of them is the Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia’s new flagship lumia this year.

The Nokia Lumia 920 is the first flagship Lumia based on Windows Phone 8, the new and improved version of the Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform. Lumia 920 comes with some firsts for Nokia, such as, a 1.5 Ghz Dual Core Processor, a 4.5 inch Pure Motion HD display and as we have already seen before in the leaks, the wireless charging support with additional charging pads and a fatboy charging pillow. And not to forget about the camera, the Lumia 920 is also the first Nokia Lumia to support Nokia’s PureView Camera Technology.

Among all these firsts for the Lumia 920, it also comes packed with Nokia Maps Suite for windows phone including Nokia Drive, Public Transport, Nokia’s augmented reality app namely the Nokia City Lens will also come with it.

Talking more about the Camera then Lumia 920 features a 8 Megapixel (8.7 MP to be precise) PureView Camera which features improved optics and the new OIS (Optical Image Stabilizing) Technology which incredibly reduces the motion blur while capturing photos and videos. Nokia is promising No-Blur in the photos and videos captured by the Lumia 920.

For more info on 920’s camera, go here

Now coming to the display of Lumia 920- The PureMotion HD+ display. Nokia promises blur free scrolling with this display and 2.5 times higherpixel refresh rates then any other smartphone displays in the market today. The 4.5 inch curved glass display is also being touted as the best display with an advance CBD WXGA display which is higher than 720p displays.

The Lumia 920 also comes with a massive 2000 mAH battery, biggest in a Nokia phone. And the Qi wireless charging support enables it to wirelessly charge on other chargers too.

Specifications of Nokia Lumia 920 :-
1. 1280×768, 4.5 inch, CBD, WXGA, LCD Display with PureMotion HD+ Technology.
2. 1.5 ghz Dual Core Snapdragon S4 Processor with 1 GB RAM.
3. 2000 mAH BP-4GW Battery with 400h of standbu and 10h of Talk time (3G).
4. Windows Phone 8 Operating System.
5. Bluetooth 3.1, A-GPS, NFC, WiFi, Qi Wireless charging.
6. Nokia’s complete Navigation solution with integrated apps.
7. 8.7 MP PureView Camera with Carl Ziess optics, F2.0, Touch Focus, 30fps 1080p video recording support.
8. Nokia Music and Nokia Mix Radio.
9. Comes in 5 colours.

Seefull specifications of Lumia 920 here
Watch the hands-on video here

Nokia Lumia 820: Stylish and Smart

After announcing the Lumia 920, Nokia’s Kevin Shields announced the second Lumia in the new Windows Phone 8 lineup – The Nokia Lumia 820

The Lumia 820 is a classic, smart and stylish mid range phone with all the powers of Windows Phone 8 OS with Nokia godness. Just like Lumia 920, the Lumia 820 runs on a 1.5 Ghz processor with 1 GB RAM and offers the wireless charging support. It has an 8 MP camera with Carl Ziess optics for imaging solutions. And for showing the images and videos it captured, it has a fantastic 4.3 inch Clear Black Display.

It also comes with an internal storage of 8 gb and a memory card slot for expanding to 32 gb.

Not to mention, the industry leading Nokia Maps Suite and the augmented reality app Nokia City Lens packs Lumia 820 for making it a fully fledged personal navigation device.

Lets take a look at Lumia 820’s specifications :-
1. 800×480, 4.3 inch, AMOLED, CBD Display.
2. Qualcomm 1.5 Ghz Snapdragon S4 Krait with 1 GB RAM.
3. 1650 mAH BP-5T Battery with 330h standby and 14h of talk time (3G).
4. Windows Phone 8 operating system.
5. A-GPS, Bluetooth 3.1, NFC, WiFi, Qi Wireless charging support.
6. Nokia’s complete navigation solution with integrated apps.
7. 8 MP Auto focus camera with Carl Ziess optics, Dual LED, Touch focuw, F2.2, 1080p video support at 30fps.
8. Interneg Explorer 10 for web browsing.
9. Nokia Music and Nokia Mix Radio.
10. Exchangable Shells.

See full specifications of LUMIA 820 here
Watch the hands-on video here

Nokia has not revealed the prices and availability period for these devices but these are expected to be available in the market in the month of Novemeber this year.

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