LEAK: Nokia Lumia 820/Nokia Arrow real photos leaked

Hello folks

So guys, we have one more leak today. We’ve already seen so many leaks lately, haven’t we?! Although I was not covering all those leaks here on my blog but this time i had to because this leak is big.

This time we have the leaked photos of the Nokia Lumia 820 aka Nokia Arrow, a Windows Phone 8 Lumia which Nokia is going to announce this Nokia World on September 5 in Helsinki. And the source I got these photos from, are claiming that these photos are the real life photos of the phone. So, lets see them below.

So this is the phone. Looks really slim. Have some buttons on the right. And a 4.3 inch screen (dont know about the resolution of the screen, however, the source says that its the same 480×800, but it might be different).

From the bottom. Again, the phone loojs really slim. Windows phone capacitive buttons are there on the screen with a new Windows 8 logo. And a USB Port i guess at the bottom.

Back of the phone. Looks like the same unibody polycarbonate build. A camera (probably a 8 MP) is there with a LED flash. And a Nokia logo in the middle.

WP8 Homescreen with different, resizable tiles. Looks cool.

Some technical info of the phone. RAM is showing 335 MB (might be a 512 MB one). OS is obviously WP8. Screen resolution is hidden behind the watermark that’s why couldn’t see that clearly.

So here it is. These were all the leaked photos of ‘real life’ Nokia Lumia 820/Arrow. Apparently, these photos gives an indication that its a mid range WP8 lumia with decent specifications. It can be a good replacement for Lumia 800 if priced reasonably, imo.

Again, things are not clear yet, that all images were just leaks. While we are now just 4 days away from the event.

Keep watching this space for more info 🙂


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