LEAK: Nokia Belle FP2 (Donna) to arrive in September?

Hey Folks

I just got hold of a screenshot leaked by the guys at Symbian Developers.

According to this screenshot, the next update for Symbian Operating System, i.e. Symbian Belle FP2/PR3.0 or Symbian Donna (as cleared by Nokia officially) will release/approve in the 36th week of this year, that means September.

We have recently seen the Belle FP1 update arriving on the Gen. Symbian^3 devices, which itself is Nokia Carla update update as officially cleared by Nokia (couldn’t write a post on it as i was very busy in my studies 😦 ) and that means the upcoming Belle FP2 update will probably be Symbian Donna.

They didn’t reveal the source from where they got this document though, but this is what they said about it- ”The document which was leaked shows the Changelog of PR1 and PR2. It also has a list of bugs found in software in PR1 and PR2. Space for PR3 is empty and it says “Next PR release is PR3.0 and is planned for wk 36/2012″.

Its still a leaked rumour though, it would be too early to believe on it. Lets wait for some more time until we get the clear picture.

And by the way guys, there’s a update coming to the existing 1st Gen. Symbian^3 devices namely Belle Refresh, that will provide some more widgets to these devices from FP1 and new browser v.8.3, etc. The full feature list of this update is not clear yet, nor its been made official by Nokia. But atleast, Nokia is giving these devices updates, even after 2 years of launch.

Read more about it – Here.



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