Nokia Belle FP1 update rolled out for second gen Symbian^3 phones

Good news for all the second generation Symbian^3 devices (701, 700 & 603) owners, a new firmware update – Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1, has (already) been rolled out Over-the-air (OTA) officially by Nokia for further polishing the phone’s performance.

The Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 which was first seen on the Nokia 808 PureView (v.112.010.1404), brings some UI tweaks and stability and performance improvements over Nokia Belle (v.111.030.0609) and also updates many existing features for the second generation Symbian^3 smartphones such as the Multitasking view, Processor speed increment (from 1ghz to 1.3ghz), Whole new widgets and toggles, new browser, tweaks in notification bar, Dolby surround sound enhancements, some many more UI improvements. Know more about the Nokia Belle FP1, just go here.

The update is about 26 MB in size. You can update your phone via Nokia Suite or from the ‘Software Update’ app on your phone. After downloading, the phone will shut down and install the update on the phone, and then simply boot up.

Some screenshots from the update are given below :-

Check out the video hands-on the Nokia Belle FP1 update – Here

So, if you have one of the three devices (701,700 or 603) you can update your phone by just going to the menu and opening the software update app, or either via the Nokia suite.

NO!! This Feature Pack 1 update is not available for the 1st Gen Symbian^3 phones (N8, E7, C7, C6-01, 500) because of their low technical profile. However, their are some more updates and bug fixes still to come for these devices. But the upcoming big updates for Symbian, like FP2 and Carla (screenshots of which are leaked already – See here) etc will not come to these devices.

Anyways, if you are a 701 or 700 or 603’s owner, then this update’s for you. So update your phone and enjoy!! 🙂



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