Nokia 103: Nokia’s most affordable phone ever

Hello folks

Nokia on the 10th of this month in Nigeria, announced its most affordable phone ever made – The Nokia 103, aiming mainly at the under developed and developing markets. This new piece of technology from the finnish manufacturer is indeed very affordable and costs as cheap as €16 (INR 1100), even cheaper than the Nokia 101 & 100, previously launched in India.

Nokia 103 runs on Nokia’s proprietory Series 30 platform offering a 1.36 inch black and white display (when did you last saw a ‘black and white’ display phone :D), along with the anti-scratch and dust resistant covers. And yes, the body of this phone is really hard just like the good old 1100s & 3315s, making it almost unbreakable (you can say it another ‘groundbreaker’ device from Nokia :p). And with the 800 mAh battery, it gives gigantic talk time and standby time for the user.

Key Features :-
1. Fresh Design with dust proof key mat
2. Stereo FM Radio Support
3. Upto 500 contacts and 250 SMS saving capacity
4. Integrated Flashlight
5. Call recording supported
6. Speaking clock/Alarm clock support
7. 3.5mm AV Connector

Specifications :-
1. GSM 900/1800
2. 107.2 x 45.1 x 15.3 mm (L x W x H)
3. Weight – 76.57 grams
4. Display 96 x 68 pixels; 1.36″ Black and white
5. Connectivity – 2.0mm charging connector
6. Upto 11hrs talktime and upto 27 days standby time
7. Will be made available for global markets in Q2 2012

Nokia 103 Package contents :-
1. Nokia 103 handset
2. Nokia BL-5CB 800 mAh Battery
3. Nokia Compact Charger AC-3
4. Compact Visual User Guide



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