RUMOUR: Nokia Carla Screenshots leaked?

Hello folks,

Got this news from the @Nokianesia on Twitter. They guys got some leaked screenshots from somewhere and claiming those screenshots to be of the new update for Symbian, i.e. the Nokia (Symbian) Carla.

Well, we have just seen the feature pack 1 of the Nokia Belle firstly demoed on the Nokia 808 PureView, which will also come to 2nd Generation Symbian^3 devices (701, 700 and 603), bringing some good performance and stability improvements and further polishing the whole OS. And now we have the leaked screenshots of Nokia Carla (as claimed by @Nokianesia).

The new keyboard, looks very much similar to the Windows Phone’s keyboard. Though, bigger keys would look great. But the changed one looks good anyway! 🙂

New Music Player UI. To be honest, its not looking good. These big round buttons would looked nice if they are in the squircle shape to match the UI of the new Symbian and not in the round circle.

New Lockscreen, with Android wallpaper (Eh!!). Nokianesia guys are claiming that this new lockscreen will introduce MeeGo like swipe to unlock feature in Symbian, and will remove the traditional Unlock button.

More MeeGonized looks. New ‘Options’ menu interface. Bringing new MeeGo like buttons and toggles.

New Browser apparently. We have already seen a new brower on the Nokia Belle FP1 and this Carla will also bring a new version of improved browser. As you can see, the options list of the browser apparently changed from what we have in the Nokia Belle.

So these were some of the leaked screenshots of Nokia Carla (if this is not the Nokia Belle FP2). The Nokianesia guys said about these screenshot that Carla will bring :-

  1. New on-screen qwerty keyboard (adopt from Windows Phone qwerty model)
  2. New Lock screen without Unlock Button
  3. New method (Swipe to unlock) to unlock the screen
  4. New Version and New UI Music Player
  5. New Interface for   Option (Now with Blue button – Look a like on Meego Harmattan)
  6. New Version Nokia Browser
  7. Some UI Improvement on Nokia Browser.

The Nokianesia guys also said that this new update won’t be coming to the 1st Gen Symbian^3 phones because of their lower technical profile. I really doubt these screenshots are of Carla and not of the Belle FP2, because Carla is expected to bring lot of new and big features. And if they are really from Carla, then what’s the problem in bringing them to the N8, E7, C7 and C6-01. I couldnt see much of huge changes made in this update (as these screenshot shows). But anyway, this is surely going to be on the 2nd gen symbian^3 phones (701, 700 & 603).

By the time, we will see more leaked info on this and get it clear that what this actually is. Untill then *fingers crossed* 😀



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