APP REVIEW: SwipeUnlock for Symbian

Hello Folks,

The SwipeUnlock App brings the MeeGo like innovative and stylish way of unlocking the screen to Symbian. As you guys would already know that the Swipe Interface in MeeGo OS is the most loved feature which is operated without a need of any button, and this app tried to bring a part of MeeGo’s UI on to Symbian. So lets take a look at what this app has to offer.

SwipeUnlock App has been created in QML. It is smooth and responsive, just what one can expect from a Qt app. The above given image shows the landing screen of the app. It has couple of toggles and some drop down lists to customize.

To make this app work, you will have to go through some options. At first, you will have to choose a wallpaper for the lockscreen in the ‘Picture:’ list (Default MeeGo wallpaper comes with app itself). 360*640 wallpapers would better fit the screen on Symbian. In case you don’t have 360*640 wallpapers, you can choose any wallpaper you want.

After choosing the wallpaper for the lockscreen, you can adjust the looks of the chosen wallpaper in the ‘Resize Mode’ list. This list, on tapping, will show two options – “Stretch” and “Crop”. With the “Stretch” option, the app will stretch the wallpaper to fit on whole lock screen, and with “Crop” option, the app will crop a part of the chosen wallpaper in case you have chosen a wallpaper bigger than the screen area.

The “Gesture” list on the landing screen, on tapping, will show the two different swiping options by which you can unlock your phone’s screen. The “Horizontal” option will enable you to unlock the lock screen by swiping horizontally on the screen and “Vertically” to unlock it by swiping vertically.

‘Show, when pressed’ list, as you can see in the above image, will enable you to set the lock screen’s appearance on pressing the different hardware buttons of the phone. If you choose “Menu” option, you will be able to see the new Swipe Lockscreen only when you press the menu button of the phone. Similarly, “Lock Button” will enable you to see it only when you presses the lock button and not with the menu button. And “Menu or Lock Button” will enable the both buttons for the new swipeunlock screen.

So that’s all you have to do for setting up the SwipeUnlock screen. For seeing the new lockscreen, you will have to close app, and lock the screen of your phone. And on unlocking the screen, you will see the below given screen.

This is the default MeeGo wallpaper which comes with the app itself. As you can see, the lockscreen looks quite similar to that of the MeeGo’s lockscreen.

The swiping is very smooth and feels like on the MeeGo OS. I’d chosen the “Horizontal” option in the ‘Gesture’ list of the app, that’s why i was able to swipe it horizontally in both directions.

As the MeeGo’s lockscreen provides every notifications to the user, the SwipeUnlock’s lockscreen do the same. It shows the notifications in the bottom and the name of song (if playing) in place of the clock. Though, it doesn’t shows more than one notification on the screen, but still it looks nice anyway.

So that’s all my review has from this awesome app. You can see the video deoming the SwipeUnlock App here :- SwipeUnlock Demo Video.

So, what are you guys waiting for? Just go to the Nokia Store, hit the download button and experience this all about this awesome app yourself. It is available there for just INR 50 (1 euros) only. You can download it from here –

Enjoy!! 🙂

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