Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 explained. To arrive on 2nd gen S^3s

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Recently we saw the Symbian based new imaging flagship with a large 41 MP Camera Sensor with high quality Carl Ziess Optics- Nokia 808 Pure View, launched at this Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012 event in Barcelona.

The 808 Pure View was the most talked topic in this MWC and also been awarded as the best mobile and gadget announced in MWC this year. Know more about the Nokia 808 Pure View – Just Click Here

Among all that camera goodness, the Nokia 808 Pure View runs the latest version of the Symbian operating system – The Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1, which in itself have been improved in performance and stability over the previous version of the OS.

Before the launch of the Nokia 808 Pure View, the Nokia Belle was the latest version of the Symbian OS which we first saw on the Nokia 603, 600, 700 and 701 (Second Generation S^3s) and it also had been officially delivered as an update to the first generation Symbian^3 phones (N8, E6, E7, C7, C6-01, X7, 500). | Dont know how to update your S^3 phone? – CLICK HERE

The Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 (might be the Nokia Carla) has improved the overall performance and stability and also provides more widgets for customization of the homescreens. Nokia has officially made it clear that this new version of the OS will be delivered to the second generation Symbian^3 devices namely the Nokia 603, 700 and 701, as a firmware update in the coming months.

Lets take a look at what Nokia Belle FP 1 will offer to second generation S^3 phones :-
1. 20 new widgets.
2. Faster HTML5 Browser.
3. Dolby Surround Sound Experience.
4. 1.3 Ghz update from 1 Ghz for Nokia 603, 700, & 701.
5. Better Notification Bar.
6. New & improved multitasking interface.
7. Microsoft Apps.

Check out the hands on video of the Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 featuring the Nokia 808 Pure View- Here

So, these are the known features that will come with the new Nokia Belle FP 1. I also got a screenshot showing some of the new widgets in FP1 from the Nokia 808 Pure View. See it below.

Though there are no official words from Nokia that this new Nokia Belle feature pack 1 will also come to the 1st generation S^3 phones (N8, E6, E7, X7, C7, C6-01, 500), but i got one picture of a conversation from the developer forum that there are some updates still to come on these phones. See the picture below.

In the above given picture, Nokia’s officials said –
Hi all,
The Belle feature pack 1 will indeed be made
available for Nokia 603, Nokia 700 and Nokia
701. Although Nokia is gathering feedback about
the Belle release, expect more changes and fixes
soon for 1st generation Symbian 3 devices.

Stay tuned!

So it is now clear that some bug fixes or updates (might be the carla lite version because of low technical abilities) will come to the 1st gen S^3 phones. I’ll be very surprised if some bug fixes or updates would not come to these phones, considering some of the known issues/bugs in the recently arrived Nokia Belle update, such as the Wifi bug, lagging, core apps problems, etc.

So we can just hope for the best for our phones. It would be great if Nokia atleast provides these 1st gen S^3 phones with some latest widgets because some of the widgets in Nokia Belle are very big and occupies almost half the screen size, like the music player widget, social widget, email widget, etc. *Fingers Crossed* 😉

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