Nokia Belle now available

Hey folks,

I know many of you have been curiously waiting for this moment and today on the 7th of February 2012, this moment has finally arrived. Yesss, the most anticipated, the most awaited, the most precious (Eh! :P) update for our own Symbian platform has now started to roll out. Yes, you heard it right. THE NOKIA BELLE IS NOW AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE. Yaaaaayyyyyyyy!!! 😛

In case you don’t know about it, The Nokia Belle adds you with lots of exciting features, such as, its adds you with 6 customizable home screens (previously 3 in Symbian^3/Anna), whole new re-sizable widgets, a whole new swipe down notification pane which will give you all your notifications at one place, better RAM management for the 1st generation Symbian^3/Anna phones, better multitasking and many other performance improvements. Want to know more about the Nokia Belle SW, just click here.

Here we go, Disclaimer before the start of downloading of the update. The update is mighty BIGGG!! I was sure that the update will be of 100+ MBs because it was not supposed to arrive Over-the-air (OTA), but to be honest i was not expecting this freakin 300+ MB size. Its even bigger than the PR1.1 of Nokia N9.

Next up is it backs up all your contacts, messages, notes, bookmarks, calender entries and predictive text dictionary (don’t know what it is).


All done! Enjoy the Nokia Belle 🙂

Restores back the backed up data.

ALL DONE! Congratulations! You’re on the Nokia Belle now. Enjoy.. 🙂

The same version is also available on the Navifirm, but i won’t recommend you to download it from there when the official version is right on your door and calling you to pick it up.

So here it is, the Nokia Belle update for all the 1st gen Symbian^3s and Annas are available and ready to download.

Guys!! What are you waiting for! Just hit the Nokia Suite icon on your desktop, connect your phone to your PC and enjoy. 🙂



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