APP REVIEW : WRC Live by Nokia

Hey folks

I’m not a very big fan of all these car racing championships to be very honest, nor i’ve ever followed any championship of it, but yes, i like cars and very much infact, the stunts performed with cars, the F1 racing and all that. But today, i’ve got an app for all you car racing fans with the help of which you can keep yourselves updated on every single happening inside or outside the sport on-the-go with your Nokia phones, and that is the WRC Live App by Nokia.

The WRC Live App by Nokia is available at the Nokia Store for all the Nokia platforms, including the S40, S60 (all versions), Symbian^3 (and above), MeeGo, and the newly inducted Windows Phone platform. Though i tested it on my N8 (Symbian^3).

The app is written in Qt which tells us that the app must run very smooth. And believe me, it certainly is very smooth.

When you open the app, it loads (1st screenshot above) and checks your connection, and then after completing these all things, it takes you to its homescreen (2nd screenshot above). The homescreen of the app looks elegant and beautiful. As you can see, the homescreen shows all important things to watch out for, like on the top it has the ‘News & Discussions’ which shows live news of the sport. There are several more sections like ‘Rallies & Results’, ‘Drivers & Teams’, ‘Media’, etc so i decided to divide it into parts. One more thing i liked in this app, is that the transitions and smoothness when you go from one page to another is absolutely awesome.

1). News & Discussions :-

The News & Discussions can be accessed by pressing its live button on the top of the homescreen. It shows all the hot news and discussions related to the game. The reader can access the news whichever he/she wants to read by simply tapping on it.

The reader can also read the Facebook posts posted on the Facebook wall of WRC and share them to his/her wall by clicking on the Facebook button given in the column, but only after logging in to his/her’s facebook account.

2). Rallies & Results :-

The Rallies and Results column shows the drivers of the rallies and the points scored by them in the recent rally races.

It also shows the teams of the rally championships, the points and the positions they have in the championship.
There are some more things like ‘Rally Calender’ and ‘Championship Standings’ (see images below) which shows the the calender of the rallies and the standings of a particular team in the championship, and can be accessed from the Rallies and Results’ page.

3). Drivers and Teams :-

The Drivers & Teams column shows you the pictures of all the drivers related to the sport and also the teams they drives for. All the information related to the drivers like his nationality, date of birth, current car, championship titles, career information, etc can be accessed by just tapping on the picture of a driver (see pictures below).

4). Media :-

The Media column lets you interact with the media, images, videos, near live videos, of the races and drivers of the championships. It has some more options to go further with like ‘Near Live’, ‘Daily Wrap-up’, ‘Features’ and ‘Photos’, which shows you the near live videos and the featured photos and videos of the races and the drivers (see images below).

It also adds you with the functionality to share the pictures with your friends on Facebook (of course you have to log in first).

So, thats all my review have from this app. But obviously this awesome app has alot to offer to all you guys who are patiently waiting for the WRC FIA World Championship starting January 2012.
What are you waiting for guys!! Go ahead and download it from HERE or check out the video HERE
Good luck 🙂


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