Nokia GEM: New Concept from Nokia

Hey folks..

Nokia is really looking to attract the market quite quickly. With the launch of the fantastic Nokia Lumia Series at Nokia World last month, this time on the 25th anniversary of their research team, Nokia presents us its new concept phone- Nokia GEM

Nokia GEM converts the whole phone into a giant touchscreen with the touchscreens on its back and of course front which makes it more unique, beautiful and attractive.

With its whole new way of working, the Nokia GEM changes appearance from camera to phone or map according to the function selected by the user.

It could even display advertising messages on the back of the phone (see pictures above).

The back and front are also interactive, making it possible to pinch and zoom the rear of the phone while getting a constant clear view of the image on the front and on the back as well.

There are some virtual buttons and logos also given on the mock of the phone just like the favourite bar on our phones.

GEM has no default appearance though. For Example:- if a user play lots of games, it will usually resemble a games pad. And thats why its named GEM, which comes from polished precious stones which have several sides.

Though, this GEM concept from Nokia is probably a long way, the company says that it will continue to and will always remain committed to develop such type of game-changers.

Check out the video HERE

Source: Nokia Conversations


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