New Nokia Store aka Ovi Store in Qt

And another big update is coming for the Symbian^3/Symbian Anna users. This time its the Ovi Store (now changed into Nokia Store) which is going to be updated.

The Nokia store update is not released yet but we have the beta version of it available on the Nokia Betalabs website. This morning, the Nokia Betalabs released a Qt coded Belle like Nokia Store client. This new version ( is written in QML as compared to the older version ( which was written in WRT and will replace the current version of Ovi Store on the Symbian^3 and Symbian Anna phones.

Some key features of this new version:-
1). Easy and smooth navigation.
2). Improved product details view, for a rich and fluid discovery experience.
3). Quicker, smoother and more responsive than WRT client.

This new version is available for the Nokia N8, C7, C6-01, X7 and E7. *The Nokia E6 is not supporting this new version yet.

You can download it from here — Nokia Store QML Client

*Remember, this is a beta version so it may have bugs and if you see any of the bug(s), dont forget to report them on the Betalabs page.

Here are some screenshots of the new Nokia store:


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