Introducing the all new Symbian Belle

As we all now that there were many leaked screenshots and videos of the new Symbian^3 update i.e. the Symbian Belle. But this time we have it all official. Yes! On the 24th of August, Nokia officially announced the Symbian Belle update along with their 3 new smartphones- Nokia 701, Nokia 700 & Nokia 600.

And when asking about Symbian Belle on old Symbian^3 devices (N8,E7,C7,C6-01 and X7,E6 also), Nokia made it clear that this update (Belle) will be available for download on these devices by Q4 onwards as a Firmware update. Though, i didnt able to find out the exact month in which this update (Belle) will be available to these phone but Nokia has itself made it clear and i think its enough atleast for now. 🙂

You can check the videos of Symbian Belle here- Symbian Belle

Here are some screenshots of Symbian Belle:

You can check out the specs & vids of the new smartphones announced by Nokia below.

Nokia 701
Nokia 700
Nokia 600

Enjoy guys!!!!!

Pulkit 🙂


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